@kupocake @VanillaLake I know, it would be very easy to just use the Sonic & Knuckles Collection music instead, unfortunately so far, after the 2011 release on Steam (which actually was the original ROM with an emulator to run it), Sonic 3 & Knuckles hasn't been released on any other platform, even though the Taxman and Stealth version's infrastructure seems to be already there: http://hcstealth.tumblr.com/post/100311283757/sonic-3-knuckles-20th-anniversary. Arrow Flash, Soleil, Cyborg Justice and Ringside Angel please Sega. JavaScript is disabled. But it's EA so never gonna happen. Los expertos en emulación trabajaron en la línea de relanzamientos SEGA Ages y en el Genesis Mini Love M2, I just wish more of their work was multiplatform, it's a shame so many of these great conversions of classic games are tied to the 3DS. Also the arcade, Rad Mobile and Earthworm Jim. An "I am Mega Drive, hear me roar!" SEGA AGES is a series of game ports that has spanned multiple iterations across different hardware since its inception on the Sega Saturn. Hosted by 44 Bytes. I've just always found sonic's gameplay to be semi broken and clunky. LOL I would never discern you are talking about the first Sonic games here. Sonic Adventure was quite impressive during the time as well, at least the sonic based stages and open world. Way better than Sonic 4 imo. Feels surreal and I love it. @khululy @VanillaLake While Sonic 3 & Knuckles is definitely a game many people want (even on mobile devices), remember that there are legal issues surrounding it, most likely stemming from the background music of Carnival Night Zone and Launch Base Zone being made by Michael Jackson (the ending credits music of Sonic 3 is also likely made by Michael Jackson, but it was removed in the full Sonic 3 & Knuckles). Owning a 3DS was made so special by your efforts, and you've created a new SEGA fanboy out of me, something I didn't think could happen. Almost 4,000 People Have Ranked Their Top Starter Pokémo... Video: Seeing Zelda: Breath Of The Wild Upscaled To 4K 60... Join 1,098,015 people following Nintendo Life: © 2021 Nlife Media, partner of Gamer Network. Fondé en 2004, Sega-Mag (anciennement Objectif-Sega) est le plus grand site francophone dédié à SEGA. That made sense back in the day, but now it's clear they are totally different. M2 Co., Ltd. (jap. Please make it Sega Rally 3D go go go.. The Sega 3D Classics line has Sega collaborating with emulation masters M2 in an effort to bring classic Sega titles into 3D on the 3DS. Its still in 2D animation. Also, Landstalker! Other games I would love to see released:Vectorman 1 + 2, Headdy, Sonic 3, Ristar, The Revenge of Shinobi, Shadow Dancer, Comix Zone and Alien Storm. Come on man! Another for Vectorman, Headdy, S3&K, and...Ranger X! I'd give Sonic 4(episode 1) a solid 4/10 what happened!? Really hoping they will continue to make this excellent 3DS releases of Sega classics. ¡Muévete a toda velocidad por sus Zonas y libera a los animales de sus prisiones mecánicas con devastadores ataques giratorios! Plus, 3D Sonic the Hedgehog is a successful 3DS release (after tons of ports everywhere else). Especially Wonder Boy in Monster World. Come on Nintendo, make it happen please. or, "How could you give me such an annoying task!". @audiobrainiac How does it stack up in comparison to Sonic 1-3? Como muchos sabréis, la línea de Sega Ages ya ha terminado oficialmente su recorrido con el lanzamiento de Herzog Zwei en Japón. @Mister_Wu One of the key pieces of evidence in the MJ music rights thing is that those music tracks were changed in the PC Sonic 3 & Knuckles release... so they could just use that music instead if this is actually a thing. YO: I'm sure many from my generation will consider the 1980's as the era of video games, with numerous SEGA games released for arcades and Mega Drives. I've got the collection and it's really impressive. This project was the perfect chance for us to convert the games from that era, one by one putting our full effort behind it, so I'm very thankful for the experience and it will honestly be a happy memory I take forward with me for a long time. Will that be available on 3DS? @Raien In reality, the Taxman and Stealth remasters are actually rebuilt from the ground up, they are true ports, not emulated software: http://christianwhitehead.com/?page_id=23, And if you were wondering, yes, Taxman was able to run their ports in a New 3DS, https://twitter.com/CFWhitehead/status/633961149327773696, but recommended supporting the M2 versions instead, https://twitter.com/CFWhitehead/status/633961581651492864. M2 has once again produced a commendable presentation of a classic for the 3DS with 3D Sonic the Hedgehog 2. They really went all out on this console and it shows. Wonder Boy in Monster Land, Wonder Boy in Monster World and all Wonder Boy saga!!!! Sega Model 2 Emulator 1.1a and it's full ROM set (merged)DOWNLOAD:EmulatorROMs La compañía también habla de alianza entre "Nintendo y SEGA", aunque el papel de los de Kioto parece que será exclusivamente de distribuidores, rol que han desempeñado en anteriores entregas. @Mister_Wu According to what I have read, Michael Jackson waived his rights about the games because he didn't finish the work and he felt that the Mega Drive sound reproduction capabilities were poor, so he didn't even appeared in the credits. Just Bare Knuckle 3 and Sonic 3 thank you. Just holding out for a neat surprise...or a Puyo Puyo game? That would be such a great line up. Ranger X, Thunder force 4(Lightening Force), and vectorman 1 and 2 please PLEASE! I vote for Golden Axe arcade as well, great memories of the original in the arcade. I'm more than positive there will be no more instances where someone copies a pre-rendering by eye! M2 need to start bringing all of their 3D Classics to the Wii U as 'HD Classics'. NH: Sonic 2's Special Stages were actually created out of pre-rendered polygons, and then video of that was compressed and halved both vertically and horizontally, then dropped into the game cartridge. Encuentra más productos de Consolas y Videojuegos, Videojuegos. If so is it download play or do I have to buy 2 copies? 3D Classics is a label applied to certain remakes of old games for the Nintendo 3DS, with added stereoscopic 3D functionality and updated features while retaining their original art style and graphics. 3D Classics is a label applied to certain remakes of old games for the Nintendo 3DS, with … There will be a Sonic 3 & Knuckles (the whole shabang in one game!) I completed it, as I did with Sonic 1 & 2 back in the day! The Mega Drive and 32X versions were amazing at the time, but I wish more attention went to Virtual Racing rather than Virtual Fighter. SEGA! This week we discuss the recent exploit found by TheFlow present in PlayStation 4 systems with a firmware version of 7.55 or under, and the implications it has for the hacking scene. 16-bit Sonic games also offer great replay value, not only because you want to see the different routes but because it's more fun to know where are you going and getting really fast. Thank you, OP! The line-up consisted of the top titles in terms of popularity… I was a bit skeptical if Thunder Blade really belonged in the top 16, but I'm happy that we got to re-release all of those titles in the 2010s, and I hope they go on to be one of the most beloved series on the 3DS. Trend-setting titles from the Sega Master system, Genesis/Mega Drive, and the arcades of the 80’s arrive on the Nintendo 3DS—remastered with full stereoscopic 3D. That said, I think most people would much rather they did it whatever way the iOS version was done - with all the extras - who would notice the difference? So when M2 and the North American and European SEGA staff decided on the lineup of games for the 3D Remaster series, which included Space … This series saw M2 deconstruct many original Sega arcade and console games, then fully rebuild them with pitch-perfect emulation and 3D depth effects for the Nintendo 3DS.) Hey guys, I found the alternative music for Sonic 3 here:https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL085EA392D8241323New Carnival Zone 2 music is so cool, much better than the original score written by Michael Jackson's, in my opinion. Wow, Virtua Racing on the 3DS!?!? 3D After Burner II CIA Download | is an action game Developed by M2 and Published by Sega, Released on 15th January 2015. Vectorman 1 & 2 along with Ristar please! Nueve clásicos de SEGA para la 3DS ... La labor de adaptar los juegos a las necesidades de la portátil corre a cargo del estudio M2, expertos en la materia. Can't wait to check them out in 3D! We all love what M2 does, don't we? I'd say Virtual Racing since I like to work on those primitive era games. But finally, something worth downloading on 3DS! Yeah, they're great and look amazing in 3D, especially the Super Scaler games. I just wish those were on the eShop. Asimismo, ha participado en el tratamiento de emulación y regreso de la serie 3D Classics para Nintendo 3DS y ha sido responsable de la serie SEGA Ages desde la época de PlayStation 2. But anyways, Power Drift must come to 3DS since it's in Japan already! The collection was released worldwide on Christmas 2020 as one of the parts for Sega's 60th anniversary. I'd love to revisit them though one day....especially sonic 3, and I have to play Sonic CD which is considered thee' best of the classic Sonic series. Ristar, Vectorman, Light Crusader, Bare Knuckle 3, The Revenge of Shinobi, Comix Zone, Beyond Oasis, Alien Soldier, Alien Storm, Shadow Dancer, Golden Axe... (Shining Force and Phantasy Star stuff would be nice too, but not holding out hope there.). ResetEra Games of the Year 2020 Voting Thread, SEGA Blog | SEGA 3D Classics – Developer Interviews. Finally, there's some nice sentiment here around the goals of the series in bringing much loved retro games to life on a new platform, making the 3DS a "SEGA Console". M2 está haciendo una excelente labor con los SEGA 3D Classics. We want to create an inspiring environment for our members and have defined a set of guidelines. Start a new thread to share your experiences with like-minded people. I had Ecco and Space Harrier in this collection, though, and it was a wonderful way to play Space Harrier for the first time. We took that pre-rendered video, reverted it back to its original polygon state, remade our own version of it, then when back and assigned depth on a pixel-by-pixel basis. Also the rest of the pre-polygon era Sonic games would be pretty sweet. The definitive way to play After Burner. Hold on there, you need to login to post a comment... 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